The Core SDI 2.0 Experience

The Heart of Core Strengths is the Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI)

The SDI 2.0, is a self-scoring assessment taken by more than 2 million people in over 31 countries, plays a central role in the Core Strengths programme — by measuring what motivates our behaviuor when things are going well, and how those motives change when we encounter conflict or opposition.

Whereas other assessment tools measure behaviour, the SDI 2.0 goes beyond behaviour into the motives and values that drive those behaviours.

Core Strengths training participants take the SDI 2.0, and then interpret their results during the workshop — gaining valuable insight through discussion and analysis of their results in small, interactive groups.

An innovative video platform reinforces the insights that learners gain from taking
the SDI 2.0

Shown at key “teachable moments” within each Core Strengths training session, the videos depict protagonists—an architect, an engineer, an executive—grappling with workplace challenges that every learner can relate to. Each protagonist demonstrates the behaviour and cognitive patterns associated with a major motivational system defined in the Strength Deployment Inventory.

As the videos unfold, the protagonists gain insight into what motivates their views of reality and their behaviour. They discover how their perceptions of workplace situations are being distorted. And they master the skill of accurately assessing situations and deploying the right interpersonal strengths to generate exceptional results.

The videos thus model the learning journey that Core Strengths training participants are also embarking on—creating a potent, memorable learning experience.

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